Images Matter™ is the guiding principle behind our effort to simplify image-driven innovation workflows. Our core mission is to unlock the latent medical information in ophthalmic images, starting with secure storage and rapid access to all mission-critical images. Images Matter™.


We need a different way to think about how we collect, manage and process images so that we can translate the medical insight that we can derive from the imaging of the eye to clinical diagnostics and treatments, using biomarkers that we can derive from all these images.” - ERIC BUCKLAND

What is Ocuvault?

Ocuvault is our image repository and your image repository.  It is a collection of images tied to metadata stored in Lattice.  TII’s repository contains over 3 million ophthalmic images from different modalities acquired from normal and affected subjects (over 100 inherited retinal diseases represented).

The Ocuvault Includes:

License images and data from TII’s Ocuvault

Store your images in TII’s managed cloud storage solution. Lattice manages the subject metadata and links to your images.

Why Choose Ocuvault?


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