MOSAIC provides a common platform for reproducible development and validation of photoreceptor biomarkers.


"Mosaic saves me so much time when it comes to selecting ROIs and having the automated split cone counting."

What is MOSAIC?

MOSAIC provides a user-friendly work environment for developers and applications staff to develop, test, and validate photoreceptor identification algorithms, and generate a common set of outputs for ease of reporting and analysis.

MOSAIC enables users to assay the structure and function of the retina using image data obtained from OCT, adaptive-optics enhanced fundus cameras and scanning laser ophthalmoscopes.

  • Develop, test, and validate photoreceptor identification algorithms
  • Generate a common set of outputs
  • Create TIFFBITS®

Why Choose MOSAIC?

  • 100% would recommend MOSAIC to a colleague
  • 100% say MOSAIC improves their research
  • 88% have published a paper with data analyzed with MOSAIC


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